canal-boat gardens

canal boat garden with lavender and climbing jasmine

These photos are long-delayed, from one of my first solo London outings on foot back in late June after the jet lag and feelings of Oh my lord, I haven't traveled abroad in nearly twenty years (not counting Hawaii and Canada) and I'm so out of practice! had started to wear off. That day, I walked from Queen's Park down to the canals of Little Venice near Paddington Station.

Canal boats are the true tiny houses of London. The windows of the docked boats are generally well shrouded to protect against prying eyes, while the decks and roofs are surprisingly covered with potted plants, proving that gardens can thrive and creativity can flourish in even the smallest human living spaces.

canal boat garden with lattice

canal boat with rooftop garden

docked canal boats with gardens, Little Venice

fenced canal-boat garden near Paddington

canal-boat garden with large-scale construction backdrop, Paddington

Grand Union Canal mural

On this outing, I somehow lost the small canvas tote bag I had been keeping my camera in; it must have fallen out of my larger bag when I pulled out my camera while juggling an umbrella in light rain. So I retraced my steps along the footpath, heading back towards Paddington with no luck, but no great loss either, as the bag had been cheaply thrifted and not a favorite.

Shrugging it off, I walked further west down the canal, spotting the painted bird mural and a large colorful collage mural of canal fauna against a brick wall. Away from the commuter bustle of Paddington Station and the tourists of Little Venice, the Grand Union Canal trails form a quiet walking oasis within a busy city.

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