where the bees are (in London)

lavender in painted turquoise pot, near St. John's Wood

Missing my own (rented) Portland garden and the role of gardener, temporary caretaker of a little plot of land, I spy with longing on the gardens of Londoners, whether large as a Royal Park or small as a single pot of lavender or the lonely sentinels of evergreen topiary flanking a staircase—and everything in between, from the lush green borders of a driveway or sidewalk to the secretive, private and locked gardens dotted around town, from a flower-dripping balcony to a row of bright geraniums on a window ledge. Where the hives hide in such built-up brick-and-concrete urban landscape, I couldn't say. But there are bees. And, like adults with children, they are much too busy to stop and play.

bumblebee in fuchsia rose, Queen Mary's Gardens, Regent's Park

begonia bed with urn, Regent's Park

gated garden off Antrim Road, Belsize Park

wall-climbing ivy

formal flower bed with urn, Regent's Park

gated-driveway borders with nasturtium

sidewalk lavender with bees, Belsize Park

Belsize Park bee on lavender

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