pink peony love

pink peony bloom

My beloved maternal grandparents we lived next door to growing up till I was 16 had a pink peony bush on the north side of their house that bloomed in late spring or early summer, up there in the Oregon high desert. In Portland, peonies bloom in May. In London they are only now in season.

pink peony buds

I picked up a bunch of tight buds at the corner grocery a few days ago for five pounds of pink loveliness. They are just opening into their lushness. My friend, coming home after a weekend at a wedding in Lille, France, exclaimed that they're her favorite flower (though in college, I remember her saying that daisies were her favorite flower—tastes change). I suspect she doesn't often buy flowers for herself, and neither do I, but we don't have a garden space here, so for us we must either visit flowers in public parks or bring purchased flowers home, preferably both. (It's one of my goals to keep the main room stocked with a vase of seasonal flowers all summer long.)

pink peonies in turquoise vase

Peonies are one of my most favorite flowers, too, though more fleeting than roses. (It's impossible for me to pick a single favorite flower.) And pink feels very British, a common but still fresh pop of color against all the flat white and gray of a northern clime. So I have both my past and present here in one room.

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