graffiti portraits @ Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Shop sign

London, perpetually cool, damp, and humid, is at least photogenic. I've been taking more photos than I have time to review them. Walking past Abbey Road Studios the other day, I snapped a few quick shots of the graffiti wall honoring The Beatles—and presumably other musicians who have been recorded in the studios for decades, but mostly just The Beatles—a wall that seems to be continuously repainted, presumably to hold all the graffiti from millions of visitors, year after year. A nearby brick wall has a sign posted, asking people to instead use the white-painted wall, not the brick.

graffiti at Abbey Road: early Beatles

hippy Beatles

Imagine: There is someone in this extremely wealthy city whose job it is to periodically repaint (over and over and over) a wall well scribbled with Beatle-mania graffiti.


  1. Anonymous30/6/16 18:15

    I thought it was spelled Beatles.

    1. Thank you for that! I vaguely knew there was something wrong, but my brain is still recovering from jet lag. I shouldn't be posting around midnight London time. ;)


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