update: metro-shelving dresser makeover

metro-shelving unit as dresser, rearranged

Speaking of makeovers, I recently rearranged things on the display section of my metro-shelving dresser and thought I'd show the update as further proof of how small additions and subtractions can create a bigger impact—or at least a change, which for most of us is usually welcome.

I bought nothing new for the makeover, only using items I already owned, the basic principle of Lauri Ward's Use What You Have Decorating. So the turquoise blue-lidded ceramic pot from Goodwill, for example, was in one of my black filing cabinets holding rubber bands (which it still does). The Christmas cactus (a gift from a coworker) I had repotted in my favorite little thrifted handmade ceramic planter, now that my resuscitated pothos has been moved to larger digs. The white geode used to sit on my radio across the room. And the books were switched out from my collection to include reference books that currently inspire my gardening and tiny-house planning, while the striped red-and-ochre rock bookend I've owned for almost twenty years. Over half the baskets and almost everything else on this metal metro-shelving unit, including the basket contents (mostly clothes) were purchased secondhand. And that's as it should be in a world with finite material resources.

repotted Christmas cactus

white geode on teak tray

Life's a process, as is death itself, the transformation of matter into energy into more matter. Conservatives and progressives battle fiercely over what should stay the same, and what should change. But everything changes. Maybe the only thing we can control is how fast. What you see here will not always be here. It'll be in another spot, maybe in my tiny house—one day owned by someone else.

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