melancholy yellow

English lavender, new yellow pots

As if I don't have enough to do between work, crazy commuting, and various post-cancer health-care appointments, I added a month-long online Intro to Permaculture class via Oregon State University (OSU) into the mix. It's only supposed to take about four hours a week, but they're lying—it's taking up most of my weekends. No matter: the subject is fascinating, personally relevant, and vital to a sustainable future for humanity. I only wish I had more free hours each week to putter around at home, implementing projects.

vintage yellow wool table runner

English lavender in yellow ceramic pot

I keep feeling like we're speeding towards a global meltdown, while the driver isn't even watching the road but staring down at his phone (and in my mind, the driver is still most certainly a he), checking Facebook and laughing at videos like the mother in the Chewbacca mask. What's the point of going through all this hassle—multiple surgeries, multiple courses of antibiotics, multiple-upon-multiple appointments—for one fake boob to eventually sort-of match the real one if the planet is about to combust? These are the things I think about while staring out windows on the bus between library-book pages, heading to or from a job I lack passion for.

Or maybe it's just that the rain is back in Portland, the sun on vacation elsewhere, breaking records in India. Until the blue sky and sun return, I can gaze at the lavender newly planted in bright-yellow pots, at the new thyme flowering in the old white pot, waiting for the chive seeds to sprout, thinking about planting some mint, hanging a rain chain, and wondering whether we have room in the backyard for a few chickens. This is what hope looks like.

new yellow planter pots

[F]rom space, you can’t see borders. What you see is this lonely planet. Here we all are on it, so angry at one another. I wish more people could step back and see how small Earth is, and how reliant we are on one another.
astronaut Anne McClain

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