rental backyard: washer fire pit (part 11)

washing-machine drum fire pit

Here's the new DIY washing-machine drum fire pit in action, thanks to Portland's current April heat wave. I paid around $20 for the hardware supplies (cup wire brush, etc.), and then Jeff did the labor, which wasn't insignificant, his getting the washer drum separated from everything meant to hold it firmly and semi-permanently into the washing machine, plus cleaning off all the soap scum. Since he doesn't (yet) know how to weld, he skipped making legs for it. The discarded washer parts have since gone to a scrapper. The rusty hand-me-down temporary fire pit we gave to the young neighbor-couple next door in the duplex, who had envied it.

backyard string lights

fire pit burning fallen pine cones & branches

Jeff wanted this bigger stainless-steel drum from his mom's broken washer, while I got the dark-gray enameled one out of a Craigslist washer picked up for free last summer. I secretly like mine better (not pictured since it's currently being stored in my bedroom closet) because it has a sleeker top lip. So we're both happy.

In any case, I love how the light flickers through the myriad small holes in this fire-pit design, a useful repurposing project for those with more time than money.

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