rental backyard: clay birdbath (part 12)

thrifted handmade clay bowl as repurposed birdbath

Since the front yard has a birdbath, we figured the backyard needed one, too. Jeff had given me this Goodwill-thrifted, signed, handmade wide clay bowl this past Christmas to replace the heavy fluted cement one he'd gotten for free from a friend last summer. But the birds like the big one, and it seemed to fit well under the shade of the bonsai-ed blue spruce, so I decided to put the clay one out in the back.

Keeping it up on the deck, rather than on the ground among the plants, might also help it stay cleaner—and remind me to change the water frequently. This clay one is much lighter than the big cement bowl and thus should be easier to clean; I can always take it inside and wash it by hand in the kitchen sink, as needed.

The clay also brings a nice pop of natural warm color to the mostly brown, gray, and green backyard. Plus, its shallowness and the natural rough texture of the unglazed clay should give birds a firm hold when drinking and bathing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the birds—and bees!—will like it as much as I do.

clay birdbath with leaf reflections

Learn more about the importance of birdbaths in yards here.

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