plant pot makeover

potted common thyme starts

My beloved glazed white plant pot with a slanted lip was found at a Longs Drugs down in the Bay Area years ago. You might remember it full of hens and chicks, free from my friend Sarah, back when I lived in Brooklyn. I decided the pot needed a makeover.

So as part of our rental backyard redo (which, by the way, includes the side yard section that leads back there), now that the side fence is down and gone, I first pulled out the overcrowded hens and chicks and added them to our neighbor's succulent collection along her driveway, to the left of our backyard gate. It's almost impossible to tell which were mine, meaning they've found a good home with room to spread out.

Then, thinking ahead to the deck of my future tiny house, I knew I wanted a big pot of thyme again, my favorite cooking herb: Thymus vulgaris. Regrettably, I had left my potted thyme plants in Brooklyn when I moved downtown and had no balcony. So, too impatient to wait for thyme seeds to sprout, I bought a big organic thyme start at Morrow Brothers Produce and plopped it down into the white pot, adding enough potting soil to make the plant snug and happy. Then I decorated the edge of the pot with a few small colored stones and a random animal bone collected over the last year from the banks of the Willamette River.

potted English thyme starts

We humans, being smart apes with a tendency to get bored of same-old, same-old, might prevent more affairs and other mid-life crises with more frequent rearranging of our living spaces, whether a desk surface at work or a tiny corner of the yard. Even though it's the same (lovely) pot I've owned for 15 years, now everything feels different . . . for about five minutes.

(And yes, I should have washed the pot before taking photos!)

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