rental backyard: winter hiatus (part 9)

rain gutter (December 12, 2015)

I figured I'd check in about our backyard project in case anyone is wondering, but I myself haven't been out in the backyard for a couple months. Who knows what could be happening back there? A family of raccoons could be serving dinners at the picnic table. Bigfoot might be lighting pine cones in the firepit. Squirrels could be having high-pitched dance parties under the string lights. I really don't know because it's too cold and wet to be outside for anything unnecessary like home improvement.

So we'll just have to wait for spring—though the weekend before Christmas, Jeff did drag this summer's $5 garage-sale potted pine tree into the house and turned it into a Christmas tree. Now it's my turn to de-Cinderella the tree, put all the ornaments away, and make like it never happened.

side yard puddles (December 12, 2015)

We did pick up some huge concrete rounds off Craigslist from a nice man named Gary out past Oregon City, who dug them up from under his old deck. Our plan is to dig them in as stepping stones in the side yard and between the fence and deck, surrounding them with ground cover plants to sop up the mud. We still have another load to pick up when it dries out some, though I won't be holding my breath for the rain to stop anytime soon.

And to top off this cheery winter wonderland, Jeff accidentally pulled the side fence halfway down last week, finding the posts rotted out, so he's just given himself another project. Meanwhile, access to the backyard is even more sketchy than pictured and would require low bending, if not crawling. I'll be sitting inside next to my cat, with candles, planning my tiny house while dreaming of summer. . . .

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