giving thanks

homemade cranberry sauce

This midday I am cooking in my new secondhand Japanese denim apron ($4, Goodwill), sharing the kitchen with my typically non-kitchen-sharing roommate, him making the meaty things and me focusing on the roasted vegetable dishes and a pot of orange-cranberry sauce. The cranberries are local and the butternut squash (not pictured) used in a gratin was grown in my step-father's greenhouse in my southern Oregon hometown.

I am thankful this year just to be alive, cancer-free,
that I've been healing quickly from my most recent surgery, 
for good friends,
for my stubborn family,
for my pretty kitty,
for this blue sunny day to gather with friends and share a special meal,
. . . and for the whole morning working on my tiny house design.

(More on the tiny house planning soon.) Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading. xo

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