rental backyard: temporary fire pit (part 8)

hand-me-down fire pit

One of Jeff's must-haves for the backyard was a fire pit. I have mixed feelings about them myself because of ending up smelling like campfire smoke each night, but I do love the warmth and aesthetics of a glowing fire on a chilly evening.

What we want is a modernist fire pit made from a washing-machine drum as concocted by a very clever DIY-er. (First we'll need to source a free broken-down washing machine on Craigslist and buy some black high-temperature spray paint.)

What we have for now is a rusty moon-and-stars-themed fire pit handed down by one of Jeff's home-owning friends. Jeff built a fire in it one night last weekend for the first time, after five straight hours of working together on the backyard. I took my laptop out there to the picnic table, feeding wood scraps to the fire and keeping an eye out for stray sparks, my back toasty warm, while Jeff was in the house making pizzas. Then we ate hot mushroom pizza by candlelight and firelight on our new hand-built deck, table, and benches.

It was the inaugural night of using the backyard for anything social. After dinner and my bedtime, he invited a couple friends over, and they stayed up talking by the fire into the wee hours. Soon, whenever we find pavers and can figure out how to hide all the cords needed back there for electric illumination, we'll have a party.

secondhand fire pit at night

(And so it should come as no surprise that he also wants to build himself a wood-fired pizza oven.)

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