rental backyard: the new fence (part 5)

new fence & lilac bush

My roommate, Jeff, got most of the new backyard fence up last week, with help from friends and family. On different days, they tore down the old fence, dug out the old posts, dug new post holes, and set the new posts in concrete. Then he placed the brackets and support beams, finally putting up the new slats, with help from my handy step-father (who was in town for my surgery) to speed things along.

However, only half of the yard divider is up so far because Jeff will be redoing the equally falling-down fence on the opposite side of the duplex to match, once our busy landlord brings over another set of materials. And for that, Jeff wants easy access to the neighboring yard without having to walk all the way around the house.

new fence boards

new backyard fence

I would not have chosen these beveled slats (or whatever their official name is), preferring simple flat-top fence slats like our old ones, but then again, I'm not the property owner paying for the boards, so these will have to do. 

new backyard fence, almost finished

The brackets also should have been set farther forward on the posts than they were, so the posts didn't have a facing board standing out in 3-D from the rest of the slats, but then I wasn't the one doing the construction, and certain decisions were made without my input.

But at least we now have (most of) a sturdy backyard fence. The next step will be using, storing, or passing along Jeff's remaining collection of secondhand wood, including the leftover shipping pallets. Once he decides what to do with his woodpile, then we can put in a walkway (from secondhand pavers, bricks, urbanite?), as well as a narrow patio area for his smoker and three grills (!). And when that's done, then we can finally start planting along the fence—landscaping as decoration. But will there be room? Stay tuned.

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