creepy Craigslist caller

for sale: black suede Vince Camuto boots

Yesterday evening, I got a phone call from a guy asking if the boots I had up on Craigslist (CL) were still available. He asked normal buyer questions, which meant he asked completely redundant questions whose answers were already given in the CL listing, if anyone cared to read closely. I just figured he was maybe calling for a shy girlfriend or spouse. (And, for the record, my feet are too small for a man to wear my shoes, unless maybe he were a midget or dwarf.)

Me: "Yes, they're available. Do you mean the black pair or the brown?"
Him: "Both. I didn't see the black ones. What kind of condition are they in?"
Me: [blah, blah, blah]
Him: "And what size are they?"
Me: [blah]
Him: "What's the price?"
Me: "I think it's [blah], but I'm not looking at the listing right now."
Him: "Why are you selling them?"
Me: "They're a little too high for me since I walk a lot. But I'm sure they would be comfortable for most people. I just have slightly flat feet."
Him: "I'm interested in the black ones. But . . . I want you to wear them one more time."
Me: [pause] "Is this some kind of weird foot-fetish thing?"
Him: "Yeah, I guess it is."
Me: "No, thanks. Bye-bye."

I hung up and immediately blocked his phone number. Ewww! Doesn't the guy realize he can buy used, variably smelly women's shoes on the cheap at any thrift store? Double ick. And it's not even Halloween yet.

for sale: camel suede Vince Camuto boots

What's the creepiest thing that's ever happened to you on Craigslist?

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