repurposed: galvanized shelving unit in the garden

potted geraniums on galvanized shelving unit

I showed you my closet with the new shoe rack. But then what to do with the old thrifted IKEA shelving? The house is full up.

before: potted geraniums on walkway

My first impulse was to sell the lightweight galvanized unit on Craiglist, though being so cheap to begin with, it would only garner a few bucks. But then as I was carrying it outside to take photos, I thought about wanting to use more interior vertical storage tricks like hooks and hanging baskets outside in our small rental yard, starting with simple ones like trellising a jasmine plant by the mailbox and tying up the crazy-climbing tomatoes to some exterior pipes by the electric meters. So instead I set the shelf against the wall by the front door, transferring my potted red geraniums—blooming again for their third summer!—onto the shelves. I can add even more plants later. One lanky geranium sprig snapped off in the process, so I dunked it in a versatile Kerr canning jar where, just maybe, it might grow roots.

geranium branch in canning jar

Reuse and creative repurposing by thinking outside the box make me happy and a little proud. What's funny is that this Hyllis shelving unit was designed for indoor/outdoor use, and I didn't know it—only that galvanized steel tubs and such weather fine outside. The shelving unit might need to be moved later to make way for a bench in that spot. But for now, I already like our plain concrete walkway that much better.

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