first tomato harvest

homegrown tomatoes on vintage bench

Our tomatoes have gone crazy this summer, jump-started by the weird heat wave in June. They're so big they've shot up past their cages, with some branches drooping heavily, bent over the top wire and pointing towards the ground. So this evening we tied up the tallest branches with twine, attaching them loosely to some pipes on the side of the house. With luck, that will hold them for a while. And now I better understand why it's called a tomato vine.

homegrown Roma tomatoes, close-up

This is the first harvest of the year. Even though we bought one Roma, one Russian Black heirloom, and one cherry tomato, the smallest tomatoes on the vines are these Romas. So it seems the labeling got mixed up and we ended up with no cherry. Cherry tomatoes, I've found, are the safest size to grow here in the Northwest when the growing season varies but tends to be on the short side. But not this year. This year, anything goes. We've even got hot peppers outside in a pot (given us by Jeff's mom) ready to eat . . . in mid-July.

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