file cabinets for bedroom storage

bedroom: metro shelving & file cabinets

The other day I talked about the option of replacing traditional dressers with steel metro shelving units for increased storage and flexibility. But what if you don't like the shiny commercial-kitchen look of the chrome wire and tubing? Here's another option: standard metal file cabinets.

Filing cabinets can be picked up secondhand at most thrift stores, usually for under $20, depending on condition. HON is an enduring, quality American brand, though vintage defunct brands can also be found with luck or patience.

While the two black filing cabinets in my bedroom (gleaned for free from a former employer upgrading their office furniture) store paper files and office supplies and act as a plant stand for my giant split-leaf philodendron, metal file cabinets could also work as not just desks but alternatives to standard dressers. Their long, deep drawers can hold many stacks of t-shirts, jeans, socks, and underthings. Tall ones would maximize vertical space, lower ones could double-duty as nightstands, while wider legal-size cabinets would maintain more of the look of a traditional dresser. I prefer standard black cabinets over standard beige or gray, but they could also be painted in fun or custom colors.

Have you ever used a file cabinet as a dresser or nightstand? Would you?

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