DIY bird feeder

DIY hanging bird feeder with sunflower seeds

This week while reorganizing the garage, my housemate found a bag of sunflower seeds leftover from last summer's softball season and handed it to me. "Bird feeder!" I cried, running inside and rummaging around in kitchen cupboards for a suitable seed tray.

Then I remembered his stash of old European enameled cast-iron pot lids with no pots. This red one happens to be Belgian Descoware, beloved brand of Julia Child and since bought out by Le Creuset. With luck, it should be heavy enough that the birds won't tip it over. But then there are also raiding squirrels to consider, though I don't see many squirrels around this place, mostly birds.

So I had the pot-lid tray and checked the idea with the lid's owner, who gave the okay. If you read the blog, you might remember the little jute plant hanger I made in 2013; sadly, the pretty hot-pink cotton accent thread bled over time onto the jute tail, so it's been out of commission since I moved. But now it has a new purpose: to hang the vintage pot lid from a cut-off knob of that blue spruce tree the old neighbor biddy hacked to pieces. (The other day, I spotted her chopping away at her rear neighbor's laurel hedge. And she wasn't even cutting it straight but on a curve arcing back into the neighbor's property. Madwoman! Somebody needs to retire her clippers.)

This simple feeder will be another experiment for the little neighborhood birds who have been flying in to sip from our new DIY birdbath off and on throughout these hot days. Let's see if they find the striped sunflower seeds. If they do, I'll buy some better seeds—black oil sunflower seeds that are easy to crack, higher in fat, and thus famed for attracting the most birds. But when the rains return come fall, that'll be another chapter of the story.

Better yet would be to simply grow some sunflowers next year. Or maybe we still have time to plant some black oil sunflowers this year since it's been so weirdly hot and dry in early summer. Stay tuned for more bird adventures. . . .

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