big wind chimes

secondhand wind chimes

On a marathon thrift-store day last week, my housemate found a large set of wind chimes, which he hung on the side of the house. We were worried the thing would be so loud and constant it would drive us crazy, but so far it only rings occasionally, like a gentle, welcome surprise. Low tones have always felt more calming to me than higher-pitched tones (meaning I prefer the oboe to the flute and the cello to the violin), and these are fairly low-toned chimes because the tubes are so big and long. The overall feeling is almost meditative—like a taste of living in a Zen monastery. And who doesn't need more peace and well-being?

clapper of thrifted wind chimes

wind catcher, thrifted chimes

Christmas treetop with background wind chimes

(However, we might need to rethink the chimes when winter storms return.)

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