thrifted: Heath Ceramics dessert bowls

blueberries & granola in yogurt, Health Ceramics dessert bowl

Last weekend, stopping into the West Burnside Goodwill, I scored a set of brown Heath Ceramics Coupe dessert bowls lined in robin's egg blue (which is actually a tad more green than these photos show). Heath calls the color "aqua chocolate brown." Still in production, the petite 5.5-inch, 10-ounce bowls retail for $25 each, though I got these six used for just $18 total—quite a deal for boutique California pottery.

While all six have the full Heath imprints on the undersides, two have flaws in the brown exterior glaze that look like small popped bubbles effervescent along one section of the rim, something I haven't seen before on any Heath dishes. So those two, at least, must be seconds from the long-lauded Sausalito factory. But the flaws don't affect function. Considered from a certain optimistic angle, the bubble clusters could even appear as a special design detail. Maybe Heath should start charging extra for bubbles. . . .

This is the first secondhand Heath I've stumbled on in over a year—not since those two Rim plates—and that was only because I happened into the dishes aisle before my housemate did. Jeff himself thrifted one-and-a-half (two bowls, one lid) vintage—and no longer in production—Heath #211 individual casseroles about six months ago. Plus, just this weekend he came across eight vintage Heath sandstone Coupe teacups with matching saucers that retail new for $40 each. The teacups he'll resell because he already has a set of vintage green ones.

Heath Ceramics dessert bowl, empty

Heath dessert bowls are the perfect size for not only sweet treats like berries, cherries, sliced nectarines, or melon balls—or yummy breakfasts like the pictured organic Greek vanilla yogurt with local blueberries and homemade granola—but also small savory snacks or appetizers like cheese, olives, and nuts, a couple slices of baked tofu, or a serving of kale chips. It could even hold big dollops of spiced vegan mayo or hummus for dipping as part of a platter of roasted, grilled, or raw veggies. And since turquoise is my current favorite happy color, eating just about anything from these pretty bowls will make me smile a little wider.

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