thrifted: brown Heath Ceramics mug

vintage brown Heath mug, Rim handle

Everything tastes better in Heath Ceramics (or handmade pottery). My other Heath pieces are all packed up in storage, other than the new-to-me dessert bowls. (This is what happens when someone with a complete set of kitchenware moves in with a friend who has an even bigger kitchen setup.)

But look what pretty thing I found last week at Goodwill: a single vintage Heath mug, dark brown with sandstone interior. This one has the distinctive Rim Line handle (1960s design), but the handle is positioned lower down like the Coupe Line Studio mugs (1940s design), and it also lacks the Rim Line's stacking feature, making it some kind of hybrid of Coupe and Rim not in current production. It is fully imprinted on the bottom.

secondhand vintage brown Heath mug

vintage Heath mug, interior

However, this June heat wave here in Portland has been making things a bit warm for hot drinks—not that I'm complaining. So this mug is headed for the cupboard. But after some more work today (if you can call fun things like writing and thrifting "work"), it should be about time for an evening picnic walk, a little grapefruit soda, and a game of badminton Battleship. . . .

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