weekend thrifting (nesting)

thrifted: black handmade bowl, hand-printed linen tea towels

Is it sacrilege for a work-'til-you-drop American to say that she lives, not for her wage-slave job paying the bills, but for the weekend when the time is her own? Yet, in the irony of the flow state, weekend time moves at a different speed than weekday time; it doesn't just sift through an hourglass but actually evaporates: Where did the weekend go? How is it Sunday night already? Someone told me once, "Nobody likes their job." If more or less true, how tragic is that?

Kay Dee Handprints label on vintage linen tea towel

In searching for a couple of thin tension rods for additional privacy curtain panels for the bedroom and bathroom, I did a little more thrifting than usual this weekend and managed to come home with one tension rod (bathroom window, check); yet another storage basket for the main-room metro shelving unit (large, rectangular, and in good condition = hard to find); a pair of buttery-soft black leather Cole Haan platform sandals that wear like slippers ($2, Teen Challenge sale); a large clear acrylic tray to corral coffee table objects; a medium-sized black-glazed bowl, handmade by somebody named Larry in October 1987; a like-new vintage hardcover copy of Fowler's Modern English Usage, 2nd edition; and two never-used vintage linen tea towels hand-printed in Rhode Island by Kay Dee (50 cents each). Seasonal transitions can be hard—the daytime heat still like summer, the changing light and chill at night more like fall. I seem to be nesting again.

moonrise over Clackamas riverbank brush

What's your favorite way to fill a late-summer weekend?

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