Heath shaker as bud vase

black Heath Ceramics bud shaker, back

The first and best trick of decorating is to use what you already have. The key is to swap the location or context. This is what designers like Lauri Ward have built careers around: helping people rework and tweak things they already own.

In that vein, I've long wanted a Heath Ceramics vase to add to my Heath collection, but the vases are hard to find secondhand and pricey even if vintage. I was staring at some photos of somebody else's Heath vase collection online this weekend and realized that, duh, I already own a Heath vase: it's the Heath pepper shaker I never use—because I prefer freshly ground pepper from my Perfex. (My pair of glossy black Heath salt and pepper shakers were found secondhand on eBay several years ago.) The Heath bud vase and salt-and-pepper shakers are the same thing, only the shakers have four little holes added in a row at the base of one side of the neck. If the cork is popped off and the holes are moved to the back side, who can tell the difference?

black Heath Ceramics bud shaker, front

Now I, too, have a Heath vase. Shhh. (It's better this way than the pepper shaker sitting all alone and empty in the cupboard.)

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