new year, new phone sock

handknit phone sock

There's nothing like ringing in the new year with a new handknit phone sock. But I jest. If I hadn't used up my meager savings paying off doctor bills in December and hadn't gotten sick with a light head cold (picked up from whom last week, I wonder?), I definitely would have dressed myself in a tight black dress and heels and walked over to see Pink Martini at the Crystal Ballroom last night. Yeah, baby.

Instead, I lay on the couch binging on Parks and Recreation on Netflix and knitting Jeff a belated birthday hat. Jeff himself called from a party at 11:58 to count things down, though that enduring ball in Times Square had already dropped three hours before (so I've never understood why people on the West Coast get so excited).

handknit phone case

Oh, and there was a nap for a few hours in there somewhere in which I dreamed my mother and step-father had just bought a giant old farmhouse, the many bare rooms, closets, cupboards, and wooden floors all painted the palest ice blue. And while I was visiting, I kept seeking a corner in which to spend a few moments alone. But no—extended family members kept barging in, me running up and down various staircases to escape them, the mildest sort of nightmare.

handknit iPhone case

Ah, another new year—time again to face myself head-on in one of my many wall mirrors and sob over doors taken and not taken (free tips: Never get married, Never acquire two English degrees), about clocks ticking and the ravages of time. But at least I have a new handmade hippy-colored phone sock, a wool-blend, scrap-yarn cover (virtually free!) in which to protect my phone case that itself encloses my now-outdated phone. Go 2014!

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