lessons from Diana Vreeland

handknit poncho with red sleeves (image effects via Poladroid)

1. Never take self-portraits on a Saturday morning when you don't feel like putting on eye makeup.

handknit poncho, side

2. Photograph FO's (handknit "finished objects") outside, if you want to actually be able to see the clothes, and so what if you have to fiddle with the tripod when the temperature barely hovers above freezing?

handknit poncho, back faux seam, with storage creases

3. Find another place to store some of said handknits so that your sweaters all don't end up oddly creased from being stuffed inside a too-small bureau drawer. (And stand up straight!)

handknit gray wool poncho, squared off

4. Stop eating so much dairy and dark chocolate, even if they are winter mood enhancers.

gray poncho handknit from thrifted Patons Classic Wool via Goodwill

5. Since you refuse to smoke as a weight-loss measure, at least keep your fingers busy with more knitting.

handknit poncho with Poladroid effects

6. If the automatic self-timer photos are underexposed and grainy, do overemphasize flaws by way of Poladroid.

handknit gray poncho, rear view

7. Trust your instincts, why don't you?

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