thrifted wire plant-stand side table

I'm still only showing pieces of my apartment because a) there's only enough natural light right next to the windows, and b) things are nowhere near ready for a full tour. But it's far more ready than it was three months ago, so that's something. I was going to post this last Sunday but got distracted by zombies (Walking Dead, Season 3). Watching before bed the last bits of humanity hack-and-slashing the undead or failing and getting themselves eaten (to atone for mistakes and make their survivors feel miserably guilty) makes my workdays with children whose brains flip letters around backwards seem so much more manageable.

Anyway, I needed a side table for my reading chair, one that didn't take up much space. I'd been imagining vintage Lucite (clear acrylic) nesting tables, something along these lines, or else an antique marble-topped oval end table. But one day at Goodwill, I happened across this cream-colored wire plant stand and remembered a digital house tour of a studio I'd bookmarked on Apartment Therapy, whose owner had used narrow, round, leggy plant stands as end tables, side tables, and bedside tables, which was rather genius. So now, scrubbed clean, for a mere five dollars, this small side table sits beside my gold velvet chair at the main-room window, fitting perfectly and, with its two shelves, just big enough to hold a cup of tea and a pile of library books.

round wire plant-stand side table via Goodwill, $5

thrifted candleholders (aka Japanese sake cups)

An easier-to-thrift repurposing idea is using Japanese sake cups as tealight holders. For about a dollar each at Goodwill, these tiny glazed Japanese pots are cheaper and more interesting than your typical mass-produced candleholders.

dried lavender bundle

And what's a post without flowers? A few weeks ago at the PSU Farmers Market, I bought a large bundle of dried lavender, now standing on the shelf in my clothes closet and, with luck, helping keep moths away from wool and silk. (And now, back to the zombies . . .)

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