mixed materials

vintage mirror reflection: decades-old split-leaf philodendron (inherited)

secondhand: vintage chocolate mohair velvet sofa, Kennebunk Weavers cream wool-mix throw, cotton-linen West Elm pillow

mid-century black ceramic horse (inherited)

white knobs on thrifted vintage Drexel secretary-hutch

woven baskets on metal wire shelving

handmade vase collection, thrifted

secondhand gold velvet chair

fuchsia orchid via Trader Joe's

turquoise thunderegg via Goodwill


  1. Anonymous6/10/13 19:38

    Beautiful photos, Brooke!

  2. Thank you, Carol. By the time your schedule is free enough to come over again, things should be looking presentable. :) I couldn't believe on Saturday that the apartment actually had enough light for photos without using the tripod, even away from the windows—unbelievable!


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