cork liners

2 x 4 cork roll

I wish someone had told me about cork drawer liners a long time ago. Years ago (because Contact paper, like wallpaper, has never been my thing), I spent quite a chunk at the Container Store for a slew of reusable opaque plastic shelf liners I then had to cut up over time to fit different-sized cabinets in various apartments. Since then, grown increasingly distrustful of plastic, I sent the last of those liners to Goodwill during my last move.

This time, I used a brand-new roll of Williams-Sonoma cork picked up at Goodwill a while back for about half the retail price ($15 new per the tag, $8 at GW). At the time, I didn't need it but knew sooner than later I would (which is the tricky thing about thrifting, having to think ahead). But that cork roll ran out before I finished all the drawers and shelves. So I bought a couple new rolls—marketed as bulletin-board cork—on Amazon for about $11 per two-by-four-foot roll. (The current Williams-Sonoma cork roll being sold is narrower than the bulletin-board cork roll but much longer, so is actually the better deal. Oops.)

vintage thrifted Heath Ceramics mug collection on cork shelf liner

Cork is natural, sustainable, attractive, reusable, mildew-resistant, relatively inexpensive, absorptive, and easily trimmable to fit either drawers or shelves. I even put the scrap strips into my bathroom medicine cabinet. The downsides are that the thin sheets do tear easily (though are still functional) and can stain, though, like stored dishes themselves, the goal is to keep everything clean and dry. Still, cork makes the perfect drawer/shelf liner. (You're very welcome.)

secondhand Heath Ceramics, Homer Laughlin, & various handmade bowls on cork shelf liner

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