i heart downtown (Portland)

SW Yamhill Street graffiti: bunny love

Have I mentioned how much I love living downtown? I'm right on the streetcar line, a block from a large grocery store, five and six blocks from the transit mall buses and MAX, four blocks from the Central Library, eight blocks to the PSU Farmers Market, a twenty-minute walk up the hill to NW 21st and 23rd Avenues, a ten-minute walk to the new Waterfront Post Office, and a fifteen-minute walk to my credit union. I don't have to pull weeds anymore. I don't have to deal with driving and car expenses. I get more exercise. I've reduced my carbon footprint. My apartment is a cozy haven after a long workday.

I've been thinking a lot the last few months about how the easy thing is often not the best thing. Most good things in life are worth waiting for and working towards with a goal, a vision, and a big pinch of luck. (Now how can I apply that philosophy to my career?)

SW Yamhill Street graffiti: pink elephants on parade (self-portrait)

And moving downtown, I didn't even have to give up graffiti photography. Here are some street-art images from this weekend's walks: bunnies, elephants, hearts, pyramids, and faces, all shot on SW Yamhill and SW 11th Avenue—my summer valentine to downtown Portland. —xoxo

SW Yamhill Street graffiti: teal pyramid and crosses

SW 11th Avenue graffiti wall, left side: "yoke"

SW 11th Avenue graffiti wall, right side: "hella hotboy"

SW 11th Avenue graffiti box

SW 11th Avenue street sign (aka fun with stickers): Mr. T takes a fall

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