field trip: The ReBuilding Center

white globe lights at the ReBuilding Center (minus the three biggest ones I bought)

Jeff and I hit the ReBuilding Center on North Mississippi Avenue Sunday afternoon before his kickball game, he in search of steel plumbing pipe and I in search of more hooks. (One can never have too many hooks.) He came up empty on metal pipe, but we did find several hooks for .25 each, though I missed out on a big cool yellow one I set down and forgot to pick up again.

mismatched hooks from the ReBuilding Center, .25 each

More surprisingly, I scored three—two medium and one large—white glass globe lights for a mere nine dollars. Granted, the large one is missing its electrical cord and wall plate, and one of the others has a rusty wall plate that will need to be sanded out and repainted, but still: three ceiling fixtures at that price is better than Goodwill. I may even have squealed.

ReBuilding Center: pile o' casters

Plus, the nice, apologetic cashier man threw in for free the four vintage matching wooden casters we'd snagged for some future reclamation project of Jeff's, simply because no one showed up to price my globe lights while Jeff and I were scrounging in the bins for hooks, so I had had to ask a second time for assistance. Lesson: patience and politeness pays.

They had a whole couple drawers of casters of varying ages and conditions, by the way, but most were on the small side and it was hard to find a set. I'll be returning in the future with an eye on sets for my filing cabinets. (FYI, there have been virtually zero casters at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore the times I've visited.)

ReBuilding Center: glass chandelier with prisms, $275

Back on the topic of lighting, part of me would like to install a large, classic glass chandelier in my main room for texture and reflection, all that tinkling, sparkling glass. (I could kick myself now for not buying that box of chandelier parts at Goodwill one day months ago after picking up a box depicting a children's toy from the 1980's and finding chandelier prisms inside. I could, for example, have repurposed something into a modern chandelier but my mind simply was not on lighting at the time, yet another reminder when thrifting to think ahead.) But elegant chandeliers one can't find for nine dollars—maybe if extremely lucky. Instead, one can easily find lots of ho-hum pieces from the 1980's to the present. But when decorating on a tight budget, that is where spray paint may come very much in handy.

ReBuilding Center: hanging light fixtures

Neither did we find the perfectly sized stone scrap slab I'm wanting to top said filing cabinets for that extra worktop I'm wanting for the kitchen. So I'm still on the hunt for scrap stone and may also try a stone discounter.

ReBuilding Center: scrap stone slabs

And now I will leave you with additional random shots of Portland's ReBuilding Center from which you may envision your own secondhand d├ęcor and repurposed reclamation projects—happy hunting!

ReBuilding Center: Tub Town Turnpike

ReBuilding Center: old kitchen sink with drainboards and white metal cupboards

ReBuilding Center: clawfoot tubs

ReBuilding Center: piles of tiles

ReBuilding Center: towers of doors

ReBuilding Center: walls of windows

ReBuilding Center: stacked wood

ReBuilding Center: services posters

ReBuilding Center: random pair of dirty women's ice skates

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