the not-lazy days of summer

watermelon taken to a family reunion that wasn't mine

vintage red Peugeot men's road bike, 3 cm too big for me, requiring resale on Craigslist

Jeff's shop space at Hawthorne Vintage, current iteration

This week, I'm reading Sherry Turkle's Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other, whose thesis is essentially that Americans have grown so busy and have been disappointing each other so much we have been seeking the safety and reduced intimacy of technologically mediated communication rather than facing each other in the old ways.

Jeff and I have each been drowning in projects this summer, both shared and individual, and taking it out somewhat on each other. Relationships are hard, even the platonic ones, and take time and effort to nurture. He has helped me so many times in so many ways, big and small. I need to learn to give of my time more graciously to my friends. But I'm also chafing because summer's waning, and I haven't had more than one lazy day on the grass with a book and not a single weekend by the water with sand mounding between my toes, nor one winding hike up a pine mountain, nor one cruise on a bike with my hair streaming behind in the breeze. And summer's almost over.

(Edited 4.16.14 to add: FYI, the mid-century console in the photo above can be seen briefly in Season 4 Episode 5 of Portlandia, the one in which Fred and Carrie hold a garage sale. The set designers had rented it out for a day or so before it later sold.)

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