homemaking in pieces

thrifted Heath bowl with Oregon walnuts, thrifted handmade bowl with mandarin oranges

I've been thrifting again off and on the last couple months, bringing home various striped long-sleeved T-shirts for layering; an olive-green/bisque Heath Ceramics Chez Panisse Line side bowl with a pre-glazed flaw I can live with ($2 at Goodwill, $37 if new and not seconds); a couple pairs of barely worn high heels ($10 and $7 at Goodwill); a basket to corral my bedside hand cream, vitamins, and notebooks ($2 at Goodwill); and a vintage "Art Expo '85" print I can find nothing about online, which I snatched up last weekend from the newly opened Teen Challenge thrift store down in Milwaukie, on sale for $2.50 (plus the $1 donation I got talked into). The print reminds me of both the Bay Area where I was born and later lived for many years, and of Oregon, where I grew up and have since returned to, places of water and trees, mountains and clouds.

thrifted vintage print: Art Expo '85

(How's the above shot for self-referential?) Today, all by myself, I figured out how to separate the puzzle pieces of the metal frame, brushed off the two tiny bugs that had gotten pressed between glass and print, and sprayed and wiped down the glass, only to find when I'd screwed and clipped everything back together that I'd also framed a couple carpet fuzzes and a cat hair. But they're only noticeable when one's nose is to the glass and in direct light. I can live with those flaws, too.

After a long, stressful week full of decisions and limbo, it's good to be home with my cat, camera, and stretches of quiet hours in which to cook soup and bread for the week ahead, check off tasks, and daydream.

frosted web, Portland, Oregon, January 2013

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