a green-enameled Christmas

gifted secondhand green Le Creuset pot

Look what Santa brought: another, larger secondhand Le Creuset casserole. By "Santa" I mean my friend Jeff, who's moving and doesn't need three of the same size pots. (He has a big, varied Le Creuset collection given him as gifts over the years via Le Creuset outlets). This is the same round 3.5-quart size he's made loaf after loaf in since we started making no-knead bread last spring.*

While green isn't my favorite color, except for the plant kingdom, it does blend in well with my other kitchen pieces. In any case, one should never look a gift Le Creuset pot in the mouth. Jeff's mom told me she found this one for about $10 at one of the thrift stores around town. Since this size retails for $220 new, that's quite a score.

I then treated myself to a $13 Le Creuset stainless-steel knob from a local store, Kitchen Kaboodle, to prevent the original black plastic knob from melting or exploding at the high temperatures needed for no-knead bread. So after a good scrub up with a little Bon Ami cleanser and a few twists of a screwdriver, my pot is now better than new.

But it's amusing and rather sad, don't you think, that the used pot cost less than its new handle?

green Le Creuset casserole with stainless-steel knob

*Note: I've been mostly off bread and other things for six months, but I'm going back on in small doses.

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