fit for a picnic

picnic blanket with tomatoes, library book, water bottle, & nasturtiums

Meet my new blue-striped, slubby-cotton summer picnic blanket thrifted at Goodwill over the weekend. With all the job training and redecorating lately, I've not made much time to relax. And in three whole years I've somehow never spent any time in the yard doing anything other than gardening. So this evening, after hand-watering the tomatoes, harvesting the ripe ones (to give away—sigh) and a couple lemon cucumbers, and stuffing a load of whites into the basement dryer, I grabbed my new secondhand picnic blanket, a library book, and a bottle of water, and headed out to the backyard where I spent an hour or so lying on the lawn reading.

Japanese maple, sky, & balcony rail viewed from below

Above me passed a couple jets, a dragonfly, bees, and other unidentified fluttering things. The arms of a Japanese maple hovered overhead, leaves twitching in the breeze and contrasting with the pale sky.

cucumber, green bean, nasturtium, and squash plants

The blanket is large and thin enough that when the air grew chill, I pulled one side over to cover my bare arms and legs until the light dimmed and I gathered up my things to head indoors, drawing from my hair a couple of fallen leaves. And during all, day and night, with sun and water, the garden grows.

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