afternoon tea

tea & shortbread (on thrifted Heath Ceramics)

This week has been one for packages. After I mulled for days over how to spend the Amazon gift cards from my siblings last month, an intro-to-photography reference book and a Moleskine 18-month planner showed up on my doorstep today. Because of an embarrassing scheduling mishap a few weeks ago, I have chosen to renew my day-planner vows and get all religious with color coding on Google Calender. Plus, the Moleskine will double as that notebook writers always insist on carrying for jotting down random observations and fleeting inspirations.

My friend Dan also sent a book and a "medicinal" box of Lindt dark-chocolate truffles, which I'm not supposed to eat, mind you. I ate several and then, feeling guilty and afraid my face would tell tales, shared the rest with my roommate.

Then I got a package from my friend Stephanie in London who'd airmailed a box of buttery shortbread and prettily packaged tea infusions—White Tea & Raspberry; Lemon, Ginger, & Ginseng; and Rooibos & Vanilla—from Marks & Spencer, the shortbread of which I'm also not supposed to eat but of course had to try, and it was luscious.

I had myself a little tea party this afternoon, and it was like celebrating the big day all over again, such a treat. Thank you, all.

boxes of Marks & Spencer tea infusions

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