experiments in nondairy sorbet: mango-mint

mango-mint sorbet w/ strawberries and blueberries

Yesterday was a big day, an ice-cream-and-cake kind of day, only I can no longer eat the sugar, dairy, wheat, and eggs in ice cream and cake because of the anti-inflammatory diet. So instead I made nondairy sorbet in that thrifted-yet-new, $5 Donvier ice cream maker found at Goodwill last fall.

I didn't use a recipe, figuring I'd just make a fruit smoothie and freeze it up. It worked: a bag of frozen mango chunks, a can of light coconut milk, a couple long glugs of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a few mint leaves, and clover honey to taste, blended together and then frozen. So the rest of the summer will be spent concocting sorbet flavors (among other things).

If only sugar weren't such a chronic, addictive poison, insidious contributor to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, the lovely disease triad of the Western diet, life would be truly sweeter. Unfortunately, it would be better for Americans, myself included, if life became less sweet.

When I arrived home late last night from class and opened the fridge, hungry after not having eaten in nearly twelve hours, I found a box of organic raspberries and a ripe plum sitting on the fridge shelf under a note penned my new housemate: "Birthday treats, almost like ice cream and cake." And they were.

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