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Life just keeps getting more challenging. It's like I've leveled up, if life were a video game, the monsters faster and with more teeth and claws. I found out yesterday at the doctor's, after stocking up on milk and Greek yogurt the night before, that to help "manage" my newly diagnosed, long-under-the-radar skin condition, that rosy rash that has kept coming back, worse each time, for over three months, in large part because of stress, I should avoid dairy products—along with wheat, corn, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peanuts, pork, beef, coffee, tea (except green and white), carbonation, alcohol, sugar (except honey and maple syrup), fake sugars, and shellfish.

And everything I eat should be organic, if possible, which I had been doing for years, only giving it up six months ago to save money (because it does). And I should avoid the sun and spicy foods. In addition to an expensive ($148-175) antibiotic cream my HMO plan won't cover in co-pay until I rack up $1500 a year in medical bills, I am now on an anti-inflammatory diet, something like this one, but stricter. So I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon sorting through my food supplies and culling out the forbidden, which I'll be giving to friends who aren't as stressed and inflamed.

train in motion, Brooklyn, PDX

The silver lining to all this is that I'll most likely be losing weight without trying, not that I'm a whale now or anything, but weight loss would be welcome since stress tends to put a few pounds on. And with any luck, one of these days I might get my complexion back.

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