dubious art

SE 9th Street overpass, May 2012

Last August, a group of Brooklyn volunteers spent a few weekends painting and stenciling sections of the SE 9th Street pedestrian/bike bridge over Powell Avenue with paint donated from Miller Paint and a plan overseen by a local artist, in an effort to stop graffiti, take back the neighborhood, and gussy up the concrete walkway. This grant-funded "mural" is the result: a set of random color groupings and oddly placed black animal stencils (e.g., pig sitting on goose), growing on its own each month and competing with the unfortunate community art project into a combination of leftover paint, mistaken intentions, and fresh layers of graffiti. I'm liking the mural a little more each day, now that the taggers are back. They have begun again to scrawl their poetic messages, brief philosophical reminders, such as the word 'funeral' drawn on a crow, or the word 'scab,' a crust on a wound, or a person who will work for less pay than what unions demand. How many are playing scab these days, our worth forgotten for a bit of bread?

stencils, graffiti, and blackberry vines

crow, labeled

pig, geese, and greenery

butterflies and fish

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