no-knead II

solo no-knead bread

Home alone, it still workedthe planned modifications of half whole-wheat bread flour and half all-purpose (AP) flour, with a bit more salt and baked (at 500 degrees for 30 minutes with the lid on and then 15 off*) in my thrifted vintage French White Corningware 2.5-liter casserole (not shown, but see here), and an even longer (like triple) "rotting" (fermentation) time because of my current split-shift work schedule. And Jeff's been playing around with bread even more than I have this week, making a pizza-flavored herb-and-garlic loaf I sampled warm from the oven the other night (yum) and fermenting up a cheddar-cheese-bread test as we speak. He's even started a sourdough culture. I think the bread bug bit.

no-knead bread w/ butter & freezer soup on thrifted Heath Ceramics

For lunch yesterday, my slices tasted soft, warm, buttery, wheaty, and crunchy-crusty, dipped into some steaming, homemade white-bean-and-barley-vegetable soup (read: defrosted and microwave-reheated soup that I'd made a month or more ago, ate for a week, and still had enough leftover for two Kerr quart jars in the freezer), sprinkled with freshly shaved Parmesan. Truly, this bread is easy and cheap (flour, water, salt, yeast). And, crazily enough, the messiest part is just cutting into the finished loaf, crumbs and cornmeal crackling and flying around the counter as the knife saws back and forth. I'm sure kneading dough for 10 minutes the usual way is a great arm workout, but with Lahey's method, I actually have bread to eat for lunch rather than fleeting fantasies of becoming a baker.

*Note: The bottom was a little overdone, so in future I'll reduce the baking time.

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