Bandolino blues

vintage pumps, thrifted

Let it be known I'm officially retracting my long-held personal injunction against buying secondhand shoes after finding two cute pairs in great shape within two-and-a-half weeks. These vintage, never-worn (!), turquoise, made-in-Italy (not China, not Brazil, not even Spain), Bandolino low-heeled leather pumps I found Tuesday at the Clackamas Goodwill for $4.99, a steal—until I looked more closely at the blue tag while waiting in line behind a white-haired woman buying a ceramic figurine of a lady with upswept hair and a pink-flounced ball gown (said the clerk, "And she even has all her fingers. You don't see that often").

vintage, made-in-Italy heels, thrifted

Since it is now green-tag week at Goodwill in the Portland area, last week these lovelies the color of the Aegean Sea could have been mine for $2.50. But at least they hadn't already been pulled from the shelves and shipped off to the Bins (aka Goodwill Outlet) after the tag-color change on Sunday, something for which the Clackamas Goodwill is known—the not keeping to official culling schedule—at least to me because in the past I've asked and the managers won't give customers the previous week's half-off-clearance price, though the item shouldn't even still be in the store.

vintage, unworn Bandolino pumps, thrifted

If one looks closely at these shoe shots, one can see tiny raindrops. Last month was the wettest month ever in Portland, Oregon, though the rest of the country has been breaking seasonal high-temperature records and Texas has been having rampaging, early-season tornadoes. Our local government has been patting themselves on the back for upgrades to the sewer system that have prevented overflows into the Willamette River, despite all the rain and although four overflows are legally allowed per year. I'm going to wear my new blue shoes (and just how does one polish future scuffs in such shoes, by the way—with colored pencil?) to work, and every time I look down at my feet, I'll pretend I'm lounging on a Greek island in the Mediterranean.


  1. Are you feeling ok? I don't think I've ever seen you wear something that wasn't a neutral color. :)

  2. I know, right? I've been making occasional exceptions for bright blue the last six months or so, but I don't think you've seen those scarves. Baby steps. . . .


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