that thing birds do from above

weekend catch

Here's my weekend thrifting haul, minus a couple gifts I can't discuss. Goodwill is my kind of dollar store. Everything pictured on the display blanket was .99 each: a skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool (enough to make 1/4 of a sweater, or a big scarf) that retails between $8 and $13; a wooden-handled pastry blender made in Canada that appears to be this one—because I am determined to one day master the art of dough, though as yet, that magic spot between liquid and solid still escapes me, or maybe I'm just a weak kneader; a stainless-steel coffee measure; and a graphic, vintage, abstract-bird mug, probably Japanese-made, the pattern of which my friend Jeff says "looks like shit stains." But I like my new bird-shit mug, even if it's just another example of what the Portlandia creators call "put[ing] a bird on something and call[ing] it art."

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