thrifted laundry basket

Today was laundry day, among other things. Laundry is a chore I actually enjoy, unlike dusting or cleaning toilets. This large wicker laundry basket I found a couple years ago at a Beaverton Goodwill for $4. I found another for a friend a month ago at Salvation Army half off for $4, so that seems to be the going rate.

Yesterday I snatched up a couple of cedar closet hangers at Goodwill for $1 each, still in the original plastic from 1989, made by Woodcor America, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio.

brand-new cedar closet hangers from 1989

I see so many otherwise-lovely wool and cashmere sweaters at thrift stores that moths or other bugs have eaten holes in (and oddly enough, the sweaters aren't usually discounted accordingly). Thus, I beg you, wrap your woolens in sweet-smelling cedar and lavender, as if protecting a plump child from a vampire while wielding garlic and a silver cross.

P.S. If someone wanted to torture me, he could just lock me in a mouse-infested basement full of broken and misshapen plastic hampers and hangers, open a bottle of chlorine bleach, and dump clean clothes all over the floor. Also, within the month I'll probably find my favorite woolen or silk item full of moth holes, just for posting on this topic.

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