Day 2 Spanish omelette leftovers

modified Spanish omelette, Day 2*

So last night I had a weird romantic (not sex) dream about Jamie Oliver in which his wife had gone crazy, the kids were nowhere around, and he and I played admire-the-celebrity-chef in a restaurant kitchen before the dinner crowd arrived. Since while I do admire Mr. Oliver's pasta-making speed and willingness to call Americans fatty but have never thought of him that way, and because in real life I'm involved with a blond cook who's been challenging me to move a whole lot faster in the kitchen, I suspect the dream was a kind of transference.

Also, it was pointed out to me by said local cook that my post yesterday was missing the two most important pictures: the steaming casserole and a slice of tortilla plated. (But I was hungry after all that food chopping, gardening, and picture taking!) So there you go. As a result of guilt over skipping photographing my modified Spanish omelette/tortilla so I could stuff my face with it, my subconscious sent me on a long, involved dream about dating Jamie Oliver.

linen napkin, thrifted (the other 11 are intact)**

*Note: The dishes are thrifted Heath Ceramics, of which I'll talk more soon.

**Note: The mustard-linen napkin is also part of a thrifted set: 12 for $8 at Goodwill a year and a half ago, all unstained, though one has a chewed-up edge. Maybe someone was hungry.

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