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Toyota Camry trunk

Here is the somewhat organized but full-of-pine-needles-and-smelling-of-oil trunk of the hand-me-down vintage Toyota with engine problems that I recently sold to a junkyard. While it would have been ideal to save money and eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and contributions to climate change by not replacing the car, it was taking an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work on public transportation (bus and train), when the trip takes about 20 minutes via car; and when you work split shifts, that's a giant chunk of one's day spent commuting and out waiting in the cold and rain for a transfer. So at least for now, I have not gone car-less.

Below is the hatch of my new-to-me Volvo. I'll probably be storing the remaining emergency tools in the hatch bed's secret compartments to prevent glass-shattering, will-steal-anything-for-meth theft. In the large Milwaukie Farmers Market tote bag found recently at Goodwill for $2 are a flashlight, first aid kit, toilet paper, food, water, space blankets, alcohol wipes, etc. Another nice feature of my used station wagon is that I can sleep in it, though let's hope that won't be needed but rather optional for car camping. (I do own a military-issue, "extreme-cold" mummy bag, purchased for $20 a while back at Value Village.)

Now I just need to figure out how to more comfortably afford this pleasing little life upgrade.

Volvo hatch
Volvo secret storage

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