Above is the white ceramic planter discovered and discussed yesterday. For those Goodwill shoppers who haven't figured it out yet, the Roman numerals written in black marker on clothing tags or the bottoms of ceramics state the price, in case a tag comes off, presumably. However, some of the time, in my experience, these black marks don't actually come off, depending on the porousness of the material, which then will unnecessarily flaw the item. Brilliant! Luckily, because the mark was on the glaze, the XIII did just now come off this pot with rubbing alcohol, topic for a future post.

Below is a case in point. You can faintly see the yellowed XV on the inside hem of this washed-but-not-yet-ironed Pottery Barn linen/cotton curtain panel. When I snagged the pair, after gambling by waiting a week till the color tag turned half off (don't ask how I know this)—meaning I bought two panels for $7.50 instead of $15—the XV was its usual black on the fabric itself, not on the product tag, which annoyed me, but I love linen and don't find such curtains often, so I bought them anyway. Apparently my WinCo oxygen bleach actually works, sort of. A few months from now, when the curtain rods are drilled into the plaster, the curtains are ironed and hung, and there is some actual sun streaming and warm air wafting through my windows, I'll show them in situ.

I'll post another time, too, about how Goodwill taggers create holes in clothing for the fun of it. Really, just because their merchandise is had for free, does that mean it needs to be ruined?

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