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Chemex & Heath, thrifted

One could start the day by hitting the button on a space-age Keurig, touted as a good value, compared to Starbucks, at a mere dollar a cup (plus the cost of the machine). A friend of mine has been buying and selling them used since some, like the Keurig marketers, find them "as simple as it gets." That depends on how you define simplicity. 

I prefer my handblown, vintage 1970s Chemex found locally on Craigslist a while back for $25 (yes, you can find them cheaper, especially if you happen upon one at a garage sale, but mine's in great condition and I wanted it now). Heating water, measuring pre-ground coffee (I'm not a coffee purist), and unfolding a filter (I found a box of pre-folded, white-circle Chemex filters recently at Goodwill for $1)—to me, there is no ritual in pressing a button.

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